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Save $50 when you schedule Thermography with SureTouch.

SureTouch is included with Full Body Thermography Scan.

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Fee of $100 without Minimum THREE day NOTICE of cancellation or rescheduling.


                     February 2018

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SureTouch, Thermography, & Lymphatic Therapy

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Dr. Rosalind Gamba, NMD

Dr. Rosalind Gamba, NMD  (click for bio)
ACCT approved thermography by Meditherm                                     

Thermography Breast Scan, Digital Infared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a totally non-invasive, painless procedure with no radiation and no contact with the body.  DITI is a clinical imaging technique that records the thermal patterns of your body.  Your thermal images are used by your healthcare practitioner to help diagnose and monitor pain or pathology in any part of your body.

Thermal imaging is used to help determine the cause of pain, to aid in the early detection of disease, to define a previously diagnosed injury or condition and to follow progress of healing and rehabilitation.

DITI was FDA registered in 1982.  Some insurance carriers cover thermal imaging.  Please check with your individual carrier.

For more information see Breast Questions & Answers.

View video for more information on thermography from Dr. Mercola.